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We provide our services to anyone who needs them.  We pride ourselves on servicing our community and that begins with taking care of all those smaller jobs without exclusions.  Allow Abatement Unlimited, Inc.'s, expert staff to service your home, and keep your loved ones safe.


We understand that fast and immediate mitigation is essential to minimize lasting damage to commercial properties.  With our trained, licensed, and experienced staff, we can restore your business in a timely manner.


The field of education is one of the most sensitive working environments and nobody knows the importance of this more than Abatement Unlimited, Inc.  We have, and continuously receive, contracts at education facilities that force us to bring our best to minimize public exposure.


While conducting any abatement or remediation projects around ill and immunocompromised persons, it is essential that precision and safety be the top priority.  The cross-contamination of air between working areas and public areas significantly increase the risk of hospital acquired infections (HAIs).  Our main objective while working in any healthcare setting has always been and still is to conduct the project with absolutely no exposure to the surrounding public.  


The hospitality industry is fueled off of reputation, reliability, and customer-trust.  At Abatement Unlimited, Inc., we have helped numerous properties uphold these three pillars by maintaining the safety and superior standard that your customers require. 


Retail stores experience an extremely high rate of daily foot traffic and at Abatement Unlimited, Inc.,  we specialize in providing our expert services to structures that see the highest volume of people.  Regardless of the project type or size, our goal is to provide consistent, superior, and cost-effective services to our clients.

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Bill McKenzie

Abatement Unlimited, Inc.
4332 Bullard Avenue
Bronx, NY 10466


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